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Effective leaders develop an environment rich in honest feedback, healthy questioning, growth, and empowerment.  Most retention problems stem from dissatisfaction with day to day interaction at work;

Communication is at the heart of strong leadership and employee engagement.

In our management series, leaders participate in a multi-layered development process.  We specially design the series based upon your culture's needs. Establishing an executive presence, creating a culture of accountability, anchoring change initiatives, giving and receiving feedback, and having crucial conversations are among the most requested areas of focus.  Each class is a highly interactive half day experience.



Spirit Communications facilitates seminars and coaching to address the building blocks of healthy communication---rooting it in the culture.  Whether you need one-on-one preparation for a specific event, or workshops for specific skills, we can help!

  • Running Productive Meetings
  • Facilitation Skills

  • Presentation Performance Skills

  • Performance Management

  • Managing a Multigenerational Team

  • Working With Diverse Personalities: Making the Differences Work at Work

  • Team Building

Coaching & Seminar Topics:

  • Leading in Times of Change and Growth
  • Personal Accountability

  • Communicating Under Pressure

  • Train the Trainer

  • Managing Your Career: leveraging your strengths

  • Leading UP

  • Stress Management

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