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Our Team

Our team is a dedicated group of individuals with backgrounds in communication, education, counseling, theater, and business.  Leveraging our experiences over the past 20+ years, we are skilled at understanding how people receive, process, and express information and feelings.   Our coaches are uniquely qualified to cultivate your success.

"Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey" ~Alex Noble

A note from the president

Many of our coaches and facilitators at Spirit share a background in theater. Indeed, I look for it when hiring. My own theater training has been invaluable in helping me create content and teach how to connect, how to listen, and how to express. 


There is no better training ground for understanding humanity than the theater. No sales class ever came close! Understanding and shared meaning are the cornerstones of effective communication. 


I salute all of my artisitc colleagues and those who support them.  The world needs more art; the world needs more understanding.

Joanie Badyna


Joanie Badyna is the president and owner of Spirit Communications. She is an expert coach, trainer, speaker, and course designer in the areas of interpersonal effectiveness, professional communication, cultural transformation and organizational growth. Joanie’s dynamic presentations and powerful coaching have benefited scientists, IT professionals, senior leaders, sales managers, educators, lawyers, students, and healthcare professionals for over twenty years. Through Joanie's leadership, Spirit Communications creates and delivers highly interactive and customized training experiences.  Joanie has a Bachelor of Communications degree from Villanova University, and extensive theater training. 


Joanie lives in Malvern PA with her husband of 26 years, and their two daughters.


Spirit Communications LLC is a certified small, female owned business.

Suzanne McCall

Sr. Trainer/Coach

For over 20 years Suzanne has been helping professionals strengthen critical skills through interactive training and one on one coaching.  She is a noted authority in expanding physical and vocal communication effectiveness.  Suzanne has actively supported senior leaders, managers, individual contributors, physicians, scientists and other key players in establishing and maintaining strong connections with stakeholders. She has served as Manager of Business Development, Manager of Hiring and Training and Director of Global Programming.  Suzanne has been recognized for her engaging presentation style and her ability to encourage high performance and greater business results.  Suzanne has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University in Theatre.  She is a member of PHRPS and a board member for Wellness Measures, Inc.

Lou Elder

Standardized Patient/Coach/Program Coordinator

Lou Parisi Elder graduated from Villanova University with a
degree in Communications and began her career in advertising
as a copywriter and producer for radio commercials.  With a theatre and communications background, teaching presentation skills was a natural addition to her skill set.  In addition to working as a freelance writer, Lou has worked with Spirit Communications
for the past twenty years.  When not writing, acting or training, Lou’s days are filled with raising her four children and coaching volleyball.

Marie Sung

Standardized Patient/Coach/Program Coordinator

Marie Sung has been a communications coach in the simulated patient program with Spirit Communications since 2014. She brings years of experience in collaborative training to Spirit's clients.  As a coordinator, Marie interfaces with clients to design and provide customized standardized patient encounters for students and clinicians.  


Prior to joining Spirit Communications, Marie was an analyst at SAP America in their business consulting division. She has a bachelor of science degree in Marketing from Villanova University, and lives in Paoli with her husband and four children.  

Lyndsey Holmes

Standardized Patient/Coach

Lyndsey Holmes has over 25 years of acting experience on both stage and screen.  Her experience as an actor enables her to simulate a variety of situations and roles in the Standard Patient setting.  Lyndsey also brings 15 years of experience as an educator to her work with Spirit Communications. This gives her the tools she needs to coach clients in a clear, creative and nurturing way,

as well as provide communication feedback to students and professionals of all ages.  Lyndsey’s work with Spirit Communications goes beyond the university setting, working

as a Standardized Patient for a hospital Palliative Care training initiative called Conversation Ready. 


Lyndsey is a graduate of Roanoke College, where she attended

on full scholarship and was president of the honors program. 

She currently lives in Chester County with her husband.

Karen Costello

Standardized Patient/Coach

Karen Costello has worked for Spirit Communications since 2016 as a coach and Standardized Patient. Karen is a certified life and relationship coach. She uses her expertise to help students and clinicians enhance their patient interactions, focusing on empathy and clear communication.


In addition to her work with Spirit Communications, Karen has a coaching practice specializing in helping women heal from traumatic relationships. Karen lives in Malvern, PA with her two children and loves to run, cycle, ski, and travel.

Scott Heydt

Sr. Trainer/Standardized Patient/Coach

Scott Heydt brings leadership and organizational development training to the Spirit Communications team. He has provided training for student organizations, community non-profits, and boards of directors.  In addition to being a coach and trainer for Spirit,  Scott is the Founder and President of RefinED Character, an educational consulting company specializing in social emotional learning for K-12 and collegiate environments. Scott is also a leader in the values based Greek movement and regularly serves as a facilitator at regional and national Greek conventions.  


Scott earned a BA in Elementary Education and Psychology from Moravian College and an MA in Leadership & Liberal Studies from Duquesne University. He resides in Bucks County, PA with his wife, Monika, two tuxedo cats, and a brindle greyhound.

Jason Kramer

Standardized Patient/Coach

Jason Kramer joined Spirit Communications as a Standardized Patient and coach in 2016. An artist, actor and educator for 25 years, Jason has worked with students ranging from elementary age to college, in schools, summer programs, and educational institutions including the Philadelphia Zoo, Academy of Natural Sciences and Peace Corps.

Jason is Owner and Creative Director of Gabriel Design Theatricals, a theatrical design and rental company, serving theaters throughout the U.S. and abroad. He has a B.Sc. in design and theater from University of the Arts, and lives in King of

Prussia with his wife.

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