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SP Programs and More...

In the health and medical sciences, SPs are used to provide a safe and supportive environment conducive for learning and for standardized assessment. In addition to realistic role plays, our SPs are specially trained to give feedback on interpersonal communication skills.


These encounters are simulations using actors as patients. Our support and services range from mock clinical visits for testing experiences (OSCEs), to practicing correct techniques, and value added classroom experiences targeting specific communication skills such as: delivering bad news, teaching a new technique, making a connection with the patient, keeping calm under stress, and patient education. 

In addition to live simulations, Spirit SPs participate in educational and training videos. And we deliver staff-wide training in the hospital setting, helping providers increase their skills in displaying empathy, speaking with clarity, and having difficult conversations with patients and caregivers.  


Our Standardized Patients are specially trained in both scripted and improvisational acting, and communication skills. Each encounter is customized to meet the teaching or assessment needs of each student group or clinician. We provide one-on-one encounters as well as team simulations.  

In addition to Standardized Patient Work, Spirit Coaches provide:

  • Individual Coaching for Leadership and Confidence

  • Presentation Skills Training

  • Media Training

  • Facilitation Among Cross Functioning Teams

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