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Individual coaching is one of the most effective ways to increase your personal impact. Whether you want to work on a specific improvement target, or develop your overall presence, you and your coach work closely together to create measureable results!


The relationship of coach and mentee is critical to the process.  An initial meeting to ensure the right fit is the first step. Spirit Communications will guide you on the path to becoming more influential and effective when working with others.


Here are the most popular coaching segments:


  • Increase your influence through creating a personal brand

  • Motivate and create a culture of accountability in your team

  • Learn how to lead

  • Connect with clients/patients/caregivers

  • Understand your stakeholders

and the delivery adjustments 

needed to reach them

  • Manage your career through an assessment of strengths and goal setting

  • Organize your thoughts and clearly communicate them to an individual or group

  • Manage difficult conversations

  • Give and receive feedback

  • Dialect clarification

  • Minimize the effects of stress through nervousness reduction techniques

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