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Interpersonal Communication


Is your communication style getting in the way? Are you misunderstood, or slow to engage? Every relationship, at work and at home, depends on healthy and effective communication. Our personalized approach to communication skills coaching sets us apart from other companies and provides you with the individualized attention you need. Over the past 20 years, we have helped our clients become more efective communicators with co-workers, managers, in meetings, over the phone, through email, on interviews, and at home! 

As in all our work, we customize our training to meet your needs. Ask us to design a training package especially for you!

Your Spirit Communications coach has just one purpose - to help you succeed. We see opportunity where others see ‘problems’.  


Sometimes exeprtise can get in the way of creating shared meaning; Communicators get lost in the details and need help getting to the point. Other times, delivery styles distract from connecting with your audience...our coaches have over 20 years of experience in diagnosing and curing communication challenges!  Through careful goal setting and specially developed exercises, you will improve your personal effectiveness.  

We will help you unleash your potential as a communicator and express your thoughts with clarity, focus, and passion.

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