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Communication is at the Heart of Connection

"Joanie is one of the most creative presenters 

in the area of human communications.  

The Spirit team is one of integrity,

passion and creativity."


Through customized coaching and facilitation, we grow leaders,

increase sales, and build communication expertise for businesses,

academia, and healthcare professionals.

Spirit Communications, LLC is dedicated to your success. Our coaching team

has been inspiring clients to realize their potential for 20 years!


Spirit Communications develops and delivers Standardized Patient Programs for the instruction, practice, and assessment of the examining, diagnostic, and interpersonal skills of students and health care providers. 


As well as being gifted actors, Spirit SPs are trained communication skills coaches who provide instruction on interpersonal communication skills.

It is this second layer of expertise that encourages growth and increases

personal effectiveness.  

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offerings for healthcare professionals


Effective communication is at the heart of successful leadership. It contributes to a culture of achievement, empowerment, and retention.

Our management classes will help you develop the skills needed to lead projects and people successfully. Whether you are currently a manager or aspiring to management, you will increase your personal effectiveness. 


Spirit has over 20 years of experience in customized training and coaching in the corporate setting.

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of offerings for Corporate Training

Individuals with specific delivery goals benefit from private coaching. Enhancing your communication and management style can improve your connection and influence with teams, individuals, and audiences of all sizes.  


Your Coach will guide you on the path

to becoming more influential and

effective when working with others.  

After establishing goals and observing your communication style, your coach

will schedule a series of sessions.  

Together you will create a plan 

for success!


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of offerings for One-on-One Coaching

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